How to Prepare for Meditation

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It’s important to approach the practice of meditation with an openness in mind and body.  I understand that meditation seems unobtainable to many people.  “I can’t meditate,”  “My mind is too busy,” or “I tried to meditate once, but my body was uncomfortable.”   Before you abandon meditation, try these two tips.  If you are curious, this will help you begin a beautiful love affair with meditation.


FIRST- the physical body:me yoga

Imagine centuries ago the ancient sages and mystics sat all day every day meditating to gain clarity and enlightenment.  On their path to Self-realization, their bodies became stiff and uncomfortable from sitting.  They began to move and stretch so that they could feel more stable and comfortable in their physical bodies.  This act of stretching is commonly referred to as Yoga.  However, the “postures” or stretches are only one limb of yoga, called asana.  Yoga asanas were intended to prepare the body for meditation, also known as “dhyana.”  Last month I wrote about how sadhana is an act of self-love.  Sadhana is when yoga becomes a daily spiritual practice.  To meditate comfortably, you need to move before you sit.  Yoga asana will condition the physical body by building flexibility where you are tight and strength where you are weak. 

How to support the physical body when moving isn’t enough? 27835779_10215835172611449_624068885_o

If you are experiencing a physical limitation, there are yoga or meditation “props” that are intended to support the body.  Prop support will allow your body to experience comfort.  You can sit on a pillow, folded blanket, or a yoga block.  Other alternatives are Back Jacks or zafu pillows.  A good rule of thumb is: your knees should rest below your hips when you sit.  If sitting cross-legged is challenging, simply open your legs wide.  Connect with how you feel, opposed to how to think you should look.

SECOND- the mental body:me meditate

Dhyana is meditation.  Here we aim to free ourSelves from suffering.  Meditation is currently being used as therapy for chronic pain, anxiety, depression, addiction, irritable bowel syndrome, cancer, performance enhancement for athletes, just to name a few.  According to a recent discussion in my yoga therapy lecture, Scientists have determined that meditation plumps the pre-frontal cortex, which is associated with higher order brain functions, and the amygdala, which is associated with fear actually shrinks.

Knowing the benefits of meditation should inspire you to attempt the practice.  Just 2-5 minutes to begin.  Keep it simple.  Prepare your mind for meditation by finding your drishti or focal point.  With eyes closed find a focal point inside of yourself to gaze upon, i.e. the space between your eyebrows, tip of your nose, heart center.  With eyes softly open, you could also gaze towards a candle flame sitting at eye level, arm’s distance in front of you.  That technique is called trataka.  After finding your drishti, focus on your breath to still the myriad of distracting thoughts.  When your mind wanders, simply return to your breath awareness.

Keep your initial meditation practice basic and you will fall in love with the practice over time. Next week I will publish a blog about How To Meditate.  Please subscribe to my monthly newsletter and receive updates.  Join the Pop Up Yoga Studio Community to learn more about Holistic Health and Yoga Therapy.  Thank you.  Namaste.

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We are so hard on ourselves! When I began my daily meditation practice 11 years ago i always felt i must have been doing it wrong. I finally told myself to just be still, that alone held great value. Once i stopped trying to do and look like i thought it was supposed to look, I gave yself permission to just be still and see what happened. No judgement or expectation. Meditation has become such a pillar of peace for me that no matter what is going on in life i have never missed a day. It is that hour of stillness that resets my body and enables me to live from my heart, rather than my head. Peace

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