6-week Transformation Package

The main goals of this program are to help individuals commit to a healthier lifestyle, move towards healing and find balance.

The 6-week Transformation Program is ideal for anyone who is interested in lifestyle change, support, accountability, weight management, connection, and realignment of health for the mind and body. This is an empowering and life-changing program designed to help you embody your fullest potential and improve your quality of life.  This work is one on one and highly intentional.

You must be motivated and willing to do the work!  Tracy will help you heal deep parts of yourself, old patterns, and guide you into a more empowered version of yourself where you can shine!  You will experience new bursts of inspiration and energy, which will help you transmute dreams into action.

The Transformation Program is a tailored program that starts with an in-depth body analysis, Ayurvedic consultation, lifestyle consultation, weekly Skype calls or meeting in-person, and progress tracking. Adding on, it provides professional guidance on diet planning and Self-care practices to support you from your first consultation. To further enhance the effectiveness of this program, Tracy Aleksic has incorporated a complimentary Thai massage with Reflexology in the first month of this program. You will receive Tracy’s Yoga Nidra audio download and Transformational Workbook to further support you on your journey.

Get into this program and see the transformation of your body, mind, and Spirit in 6 weeks time.


  • Body Analysis
  • Ayurvedic recommendations
  • Self Care prescription. This would include practices like kriyas, yoga, meditation, etc.
  • Lifestyle Consultation and Coaching
  • Thai massage with Reflexology (in person only)
  • Weekly Skype support calls except during integration weeks, or meet in person
  • Yoga Nidra audio download
  • Workbook